Author Topic: Typhoon death toll in 1 city could reach 10,000  (Read 3010 times)


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Re: Typhoon death toll in 1 city could reach 10,000
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Even 1 million Our Father won't help unless we do something to change the circumstances we're in. :)
Posted: 9/12/2014 5:00:00 AM by Mining Oil and Gas Jobs
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In a recent controversial statement, Mitsui's chief of Australian operations, Yasushi Takahashi said the “inconvenient truth” of Australian mining is that wages are too high. Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, he said that it is a “good thing we are seeing high wages in the most liveable country in the world... If that's sustainable that's fine. But one concern is, is it really sustainable?”

The average annual wage for someone working in Australian mining is $138,000, more than double the US average. This has been a point of pride for the industry, but while the commodity sector is engaged in an enormous efficiency drive, thanks largely to a slump in global commodity prices, many bosses such as Takahashi are seeing such high labour costs as prohibitive. Roughly 25% of the cost of running a mine in Australia is comprised of labour, compared to 15% on average worldwide.

His concerns were preceded by a 2014 report by PwC that found Australia's high wages weren't matched by productivity: “Mining equipment in Australia runs at lower annual outputs than most of its global peers”, attributing the shortfall almost entirely to labour.

Of course, this begs the question – would productivity increase if wages were cut? Further, as recognised elsewhere, while some in the industry are seeking work overseas – unable to find employment in their speciality; exploration work in particular is not as available as it was as Australian mining has transitioned from opening new mines to operating those mines – high wages are arguably what brings people back down under.

It's also important to note that even in the wider economic context, mining remains the largest contributor to Australian economic growth, making it essential for us to attract and retain the best people we can. And if that means keeping wages high, that means keeping wages high.

Whatever side you come down on, salaries in Australian mining are higher than elsewhere. That's an issue that won't be going anywhere soon.
Australian mining salaries are the highest in the world. See what you could earn here

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World Class Filipino came to existence because of the solid belief of the people behind this project on its subject … the Filipino and most especially because God has allowed this to happen.
We are first hand witnesses on how competent Filipinos are in any trade or profession, in any country and against any nationality as most of us are currently occupying job positions which could have been easily occupied by another race had we not been capable.
The idea of setting up this website first came up at a time when we were always being asked by foreign employers if we know of a Filipino who would like to work with them.  When asked why they prefer Filipinos… they site Filipino qualities such as the following: honest, loyal, friendly, fun-loving, honors commitments, good communicator, hardworking, creative and among others.   If you just happen to have the privilege of hearing these adjectives from people other than your “kababayan”… you would probably ask yourself why these people believe in us and why can't we?  Why other nationalities are appreciating us while we ourselves, at times, are still downgrading our capacities?
As Filipinos working abroad, we believe we are representatives of our country.  Our performances today will have a direct effect on others who will choose to follow this route and to the image of Filipinos in general.  That's why we are always asking God for guidance at work and in everything we do.  That we may continue to do His will for His greater glory and thereby preserve the legacy of the Filipinos who came before us. In relation to this, please allow us to use this space to salute them.  They made lasting impressions internationally which practically paved the way and have opened up windows of opportunities for millions of Filipinos.
And lastly, we believe that everything we have, were just given.  Our strength, beauty, intelligence… everything.  We should therefore not be boastful and proud.  Instead, we should be thankful to the one who made you and me and share these gifts to everyone.   We may be small as people, we may be under-developed as a country and we are not perfect. But we are perfectly us… just the way God had designed us to be.

Love.  Care.  Share.
Love God above all.  Care for others.  Share ourselves.


To all kababayans back home!!!!!
Come and join our ranks.

become a world class miner.
 :) :)
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Re: Typhoon death toll in 1 city could reach 10,000
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I think our life is a journey, and we make mistakes, and it's how we learn from those mistakes and rebound from those mistakes that sets us on the path that we're meant to be on.

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Re: Typhoon death toll in 1 city could reach 10,000
« Reply #71 on: July 23, 2015, 03:53:58 PM »