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Scone Mixes From Sticky Fingers Bakeries
« on: April 07, 2010, 09:49:16 AM »
Scone Mixes From Sticky Fingers Bakeries Let You Easily Brighten Any Morning

by: Toan Dinh

Scone mixes from Sticky Finger Bakeries let customers experience a classic treat that is always guaranteed to come out tasting great! Our fresh, all-natural scone mixes bring you one of the world’s favorite snacks, taking away the necessity of a tricky baking process and allowing you to treat your family to gourmet flavors through the most convenient method available.

Scones have always been a favorite accompaniment to morning and/or afternoon tea throughout Great Britain since they first originated in Scotland. Today, they’ve spread in popularity as more and more people have discovered great new recipes for the snack. Sticky Fingers Bakeries embraces the long tradition of the scone by providing our customers with classic flavors and exciting new renditions. Our Original scone mixes are also accompanied by mouthwatering varieties such as Apple Cinnamon, Cocoa-Chocolate Chip, Black Currant, Raspberry, Pumpkin Spice, Lemon Poppy Seed, Wild Blueberry, Apricot, Cinnamon Raisin scone mixes and much, much more.

We also sell premium English jams and Northwest curds, specially designed to accompany the unparalleled flavors of our scone mixes. Enjoy your scones the traditional way by topping them with a variety of sweet jams or smooth and thick curds. British families have always savored the combination of these flavors and, with Sticky Fingers Bakeries, we make it easy to pair your scones the proper way! Shop for hand-made, fresh jams in flavors like Raspberry, Wild Blueberry and Huckleberry-Raspberry [picked from the Pacific Northwest’s wild mountain berries] and English curds including lemon, orange and cranberry.

Even if you’re not interested in premium scone mixes, Sticky Fingers Bakeries has a delicious mix that is sure to meet your needs! We sell a wide variety of gourmet brownie, bread, muffin and scone mixes that are ideal for anyone’s personal tastes. Browse through a vast catalog of mixes that meet the exact requirements of your family’s palate.

Enjoy our products without any guilt! Sticky Fingers Bakeries makes all of our scone mixes and more with completely fresh and all-natural ingredients. We refuse to add any artificial preservatives, flavors or coloring to our naturally delicious mixes. Since we use only pure canola oil, our products are also free of any trans-fats or saturated fats. Sticky Fingers Bakeries lets you experience great taste without worrying about your health.

No matter where you live, Sticky Fingers Bakeries is able to provide great tastes for the entire nation! Our stores let you shop for our gourmet curds and jams and brownie, bread, scone and muffin mixes without having to find a quality bakery in your neighborhood. Simply enter your zip code at our website’s retailer locator and easily find the nearest Sticky Fingers Bakeries in your area.

Add some excitement to your day by enjoying delectable baked goods from Sticky Fingers Bakeries. Browse our products online or stop by a nearby store today to experience the unbeatable flavors of our premium scone mixes.

For more information on Sticky Fingers Bakeries and our entire line-up of delicious scone mixes, visit StickyFingersBakeries.
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Scone Mixes From Sticky Fingers Bakeries
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