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Sprouting Wheat Berries
« on: June 02, 2010, 11:46:20 AM »
 How to Sprout Wheat Berries
By Michael Baker

This is a process I learned the hard way. We found a recipe for some banana cookies in the dehydrator, and thought we would give it a shot. One of the items it called for was wheat berries. We had no idea what a wheat berry was, so we headed to Whole Foods (because they have everything:-)

We found a little container of wheat berries, and headed back home. We had no idea you could make cookies on this diet, so we were all in. So, I took the wheat berries, rinsed them, and added them directly in the cookie mix just like that, and in the dehydrator they went. I could not wait for the next morning, and neither could the kids.

The smell was very good that next morning, and we were going to have us some raw banana cookies and almond milk for breakfast. The kids were raring to go. We pulled the cookies out of the dehydrator, and they looked a little odd. But what do we know.

I divided them up to each of us, and away we went. And then we all stopped real quick. The kids looked at us like you had snuck some boiled spinach in their mouth. They each spit it out. Not me though. I kept chewing, and chewing, and was determined not to give up. I was going to chew, and personally crack each wheat berry with my teeth. Except my gums got real tired and I eventually gave up. What went wrong?

After a quick review of the recipe, we noticed a small word next to these berries, SPROUTED!! But, we had not idea about sprouting anything at that point. No nuts, seeds, or anything. We were eating all that stuff raw.

So, the lesson learned is to read recipes and sprout all of your stuff, especially wheat berries. Here is how to do this:

   1. Rinse the wheat berries
   2. Get a mason jar, like in the picture, and add the wheat berries.
   3. Soak overnight at least, 24 hours is better
   4. Drain water, and rinse again.
   5. Place wheat berries back in jar, drained, and place cheese cloth on the top of it. This will allow the sprouting process to begin.
   6. Don't place these in direct sunlight, but keep it where it is warm.
   7. Rinse and drain 2 - 3 times a day.
   8. After 3-4 days, you will have a jar full of sprouted wheat berries.

These can actually be eaten just like this. There is a sweet tast to them know, that is much more enjoyable.

Visit to find more information about eating a raw food diet.

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Sprouting Wheat Berries
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