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Toppings to Put on a Salad
« on: June 04, 2010, 07:36:35 PM »
Different Toppings to Put on a Salad
By Victoria Raw

A basic salad can be a plate of lettuce leaves. You can add cucumber slices and tomatoes to make it more interesting but that does not make it much more interesting, does it?

The key to a more exciting dish is to use tasty toppings. You can still use mixed leaves or chopped lettuce as the main base but choosing something to go on top will transform your plain recipe into a gourmet delight.

Crunchy Toppings

Nuts and seeds work well on pretty much any salad recipe. You can sprinkle them over the top and they add visual appeal as well as the crunch factor. Bacon is another great ingredient and if you are also using chicken in the recipe, bacon goes nicely with it.

Either buy ready-made "bacon bits" or fry your own bacon until it is is crisp, then let it cool and crumble it over your salad. Do this just before serving the dish, else the bacon might go soggy.

Fruity Toppings

Fruit is always nice on a chilled dish, even if all the other ingredients are savoury. Try fresh fruit, canned fruit or even dried fruit. If you are using chicken or fish, the fruit will go especially well.

Some fresh melon or peach or something else which is naturally juicy can add moisture to your salad. Add these salad toppers at the last minute before serving, so the salad does not go soggy.

Other Toppings

Sliced hard-boiled egg, anchovies, grated cheese, halved cherry tomatoes, watercress, olives and capers are all nice on top of these recipes and the best thing about salads is that you can be really creative with them, using any ingredients you like. Mix and match textures and colours for the best results.

Whether you choose to make a curried chicken Waldorf recipe, a classic Caesar or something else, choose the toppers to reflect the main flavours in the salad and to look appealing too and you will not go wrong.

This dish is easy to make and you can use all kinds of flavour and ingredient combinations. Serve your creation as a starter recipe or as the main course and everybody will love it.

Salad makes a great starter recipe and you can find the best and most delicious recipes to whet your appetite at One of our most popular recipes is a curried chicken Waldorf salad.

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Toppings to Put on a Salad
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